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Thank you so much for sharing another chapter of AMETHYST with us! I really love how the story is developing. It's intriguing and keeps the reader hooked from the very beginning. Your characters are interesting and developing well. I'm also really excited that [X] is back. I was hoping it would be him because you created such a great friendship/relationship between them. I really love this story.

It was a piece that immediately captured my attention the moment I read the back-of-the-book worthy blurb about the story in its entirety and held my attention through out the piece we were given. I absolutely love your writing! You have such a great voice throughout it and I already can't wait for more.

I just love the

I really enjoyed reading your piece! It was well written, smooth, and intriguing. Based on the summary it seems like it will carry on that way. Overall, fantastic job! I really love this story.

Your story was  extremely exciting! It's engaginging, fast-paced, and kept me on the edge of my seat! You obviously have an entire world planned out, and I think it's fascinating! I love your explanation for the name of the Devil's Backbone. It was brutal and impressive, helping to set the tone of the place. I was always waiting for what happened next and eager to see what life in store for our character. The MC herself was well-developed. She had a clear voice and a [X] that we don't immediately know about, which makes her intriguing and mysterious. I also liked some of the humor you wrote into the piece. It was subtle, but made for a nice contrast against the rough and tumble of your setting. Overall very engaging story. I look forward to your updates! Can't wait to read what's next!


I just love the sweet, protective dynamic you have established between [X] and Amethyst. Their characters go so well together and I wish we got to see him again in [X], but a reunion like that seems too  major + important to give us so early. The characters were diverse, well though out and had a dynamic between them that really flowed. The bits of backstory we got really added to the development of the characters as the story progressed. Amethyst was such a vibrant character and very relatable. She is the kind of character that you can't help but want nothing but good things for, despite knowing that hardships and trouble are coming her way. Her platonic relationship (though we get hints of the possibility of something more from both parties) with [X] is sweet and well written as well. It felt very natural. You had AMAZING detail, a wonderful quick pace that worked well for the story + kept the reader on the edge of their seat.


Wow...the ending

Wow...the ending


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